Friday, October 17, 2008

little japanese

Learning foreign words is not easy. As I thought it is imposible for me to assimilate Japanese language but since I am working in a Japanese restaurant I must acquire necessary knowledge about their daily conversation. Here are some of them:

good morning = ohayo gosaimasu

good afternoon = konichiwa

good evening = kombanwa

kumusta ka? = genki desu ka?

I am fine = genki desu

...and you? = anata wa?

what = nani

where = doko

when = itsu

who = dare

why = nandi

what is this = nani kore

what is that = nani sore

how much is this = ikura

money = okane

what is your name = anata no namae wa

my name is = watashi no namae wa...

where are you going = doko iku no

where have you been = doko ikimashita ka

what are you doing = nani o'shiteru

nice meeting you = dozu yurushiku

I have met people of,... should I say different flavors...hahahaa. Like korean, deutch, swizz, italian, spanish, and japanese, since my place is a tourist area. I also learn some japanese cooking. Actually I want to share them with you but I'm running out of time. So this is all for now.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

life is everything

Hi! I just wanna share this beautiful text message forwarded to me by a friend.
Here it goes: makes a world of difference

DANCE...who knows when you won't be able to

CRY...holding those emotions in is bad for you

KISS...kisses are one of the most wonderful things in the world

LAUGH...what's the point in hiding happiness

FROWN...why not let them know you're unhappy

APOLOGIZE... you don't want to lose friends

HUG...there's no better feeling being wrapped up close to someone you love

LIVE ...because life is everything.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Hi...I'm happy to be back here. I'm kinda busy as usual with my daily chores sending my children to school, assist them with their homeworks and their new lessons. Last few days I don't feel well having a hard cough but I'm getting a little better now.

Yesterday, my sister's boyfriend JK from Pennsylvania, USA really flattered me about his early idea of sending us presents for Christmas. He showed me what he got for us and my daughters. I never expected it. He and his son JD are such thoughtful persons and I am so glad and grateful to have known them through my sister. Thanks a lot to both of you.

father and son


Sunday, September 21, 2008

so tempting...

We usually take meals with an appetizer and one of those is the Filipino traditional salted fish or "bulad "as we locally call it inVisayan. It has been a cliche that too much intake of cold stuff like iced water, ice cream, iced juice, eating salty and greasy foods are the known cause of hard cough. Although, we know how it is scientifically developed.

I've been suffering from this illness for the last two weeks now. I always remind myself not to eat salted fish but it is just so irresistibly tempting. I can't seem to stop eating till the last "dukot" is!


Monday, September 15, 2008

My 3 year old girl

Hi there... this entry describes the incident about my daughter, MJ. As a mama I'm proud to say that she is smart and intelligent. Last night as they were playing one of her playmates accidentally had stepped on her right arm that causes her some sprain. My little girl can't help but cry and she did the whole night and everybody in the house is very careful of not abutting the injured arm of her. I can see this morning that she worries a lot being absent from her class today. She don't want to skip and lose out on single activity in school and so she told me "mama, ingna si teacher nga di sa ko mo skul kay nayayay pako". I send a text message to her teacher informing about her injury. The funny thing about this girl is that she don't understand why we don't have to go to school during Saturdays and Sundays. she loves to go to school and I need to do a lot of explaining whenever weekend comes.

Sending children to school is not an easy task, very tiresome but with Mj my three year old girl this job is inestimable, rewarding and indeed fulfilling.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Some Friends.......

Taking abuse is what friends are for. I have a friend who regularly visit me every 15th and 30thday of the month to clean my toe and fingernails.
That was her means of making money to send her five kids to school. She lived far from my place so every time she come to me she need at least one or two night stay in my house with all the conveniences. She does good services to me. Before I pay only 20peso and sometimes free. In return, I gave dress and other school things for her children and other extras that i have. Now I notice she collects more than the price i pay regularly and that happened third times or more.
I can understand her situation but the other side of my mind whispered that she's taking abuse of me. Hmmmm,I am very disgusted this morning because she left me with an achy and a little bit bloody fingernail.


Friday, September 12, 2008

The Challenge

Hi i am new to blogging.This is my very first blog and this is a new challenge for me. My sister Nancy was the one who encouraged me to blog. I'm not really sure if i can spend much time here as much as she does but I'm sure stories are just around the corner as life moves on.

I am humbly welcoming you all to my newly built online abode.I hope you enjoy your stay. Please feel free to leave your comments and your friendly suggestions are very much welcome here. I maybe doing more customizing here as I go along and perhaps consider other applications with the help of my sister of course.

Thats all for now. I'll see you all around.